Chief is besotted. His fancy is a tall, elegant woman from London. Lynn, who recently visited us, has the quintessential English trait of an understated but colorful demeanor. Rough-n-tumble Chief leans towards the refinements of classical music (Mozart) and since meeting Lynn, cosmopolitan women.

The massive bulk and big personality of Chief is intimidating. Mules in metropolitan London are rare and Lynn found Chief “over the top”. Lynn and I have been friends for 40 years and her open-hearted, expansive persona is discreetly tucked beneath the British veneer of reticence. However with their equine intelligence, the herd quickly detected her true essence. Knowing their massive size is cause for apprehension to humans the herd spiraled towards her with non-threatening ease. But once Chief concluded she was a prize worth pursuing he broke from the mob and moved in with assertiveness. Mules can be this way.

As Lynn and I were sipping evening sundowners out on the corral platform, Chief strode purposefully over to our human perch. He deftly knocked over Lynn’s Gin & Tonic, then went for her jacket. After smearing green saliva on the trendy silver garment he moved to her knee, his mouth ajar. Alarmed, she pushed away. This is exactly the reaction Chief wanted. He playfully nudged her. When her full attention was riveted on him, he turned to dramatically bite the fence post with big, flashing mule teeth.

Flexing his flirty mule muscles, the scene was not unlike that of a young lad pulling the pigtails of a lass before a dramatic cannonball splash into the pool. Charismatic Chief romancing London Lynn. Whitewater, Colorado holds such thrilling scenes for those willing to venture into the backwood boonies.

Anthropomorphizing is frowned upon in the scientific community. Baa Humbug, I say!
Animals are the ones observing us all the time. Chief says it is best to keep an eye on Homo Sapiens, watch our habits, and if a trustworthy human exhibits curiosity outside of their manmade drama, only then can they safely show us their love. And what a priceless, generous gift they give if we are sensitive recipients.

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