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EquusEQ specializes in healing physical and emotional traumas through massage and bodywork.

A well-placed intentional touch can work wonders on a horse.

Enhance Performance ~ Relieve Anxiety ~ Increase Range of Motion

The body is analogous to a woven, living, breathing textile. A tug on one corner will affect the entire garment. In like manner, pressure on the skin will affect organs, tissues, bones, muscles and cells deep within the body.

Release the trauma ~ Heal the body


I am willing/able to travel to destinations beyond western Colorado, where I presently reside. Please contact me with details of your location/needs, and we can work together to create a viable solution.

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What to expect during the horse massage sessions.

At your initial consultation, we will discuss your horse’s health, training goals, concerns and observations, and how therapeutic bodywork can enhance the wellbeing and overall physical and emotional health of your horse.

Bodywork should take place in a location where your horse feels safe and comfortable; loosely haltered in a stall is ideal. Once your horse understands the process and trusts me, I work at liberty where free movement and self-adjustment are encouraged.

You are welcome to stay and watch the massage or attend to other business. A typical season is generally a full-body massage, then targeting areas of special concern near the end of the session. This is extremely important as the area of concern is sometimes not what rational thinking would assume.

Allow at least 45 minutes per session, but depending upon the horse’s willingness and response, 1.5 hours is normal. A horse is not on the human clock, and will always let me know when they are done or need more. Rushing or pushing for results is counterproductive.

Every horse responds to massage differently. Some are stoic and wary, while others intuitively understand the process. Most fall on the bell curve somewhere between these two extremes.

Horse bodywork and massage therapy sessions.

Horses are sensitive, and most respond with positive inquisitiveness to massage. However, it can take several sessions for everything to “click” in the equine psyche. Yawning, jolts, twitching, fidgeting and “spacing out” are all common behaviors.

If possible, it is advisable to not ride your horse for 24 hours after a session. Allowing him paddock time to roll and work out released tensions is also advisable.

Ask questions and stay in touch with me. I believe in empowering YOU, as the primary human partner, to take the necessary steps to help your horse. I will always leave you with simple tips that if done consistently, will help in the process of recovery, health and wellness.

Albeit massage enhances health and can alleviate some chronic issues, it should never be used in lieu of a veterinarian. Always consult your veterinarian for physical trauma, illness or any life-threatening condition.

Equine Therapy | Horse Massage | Horse Therapy | EquusEQ

Why horse therapy works

Therapeutic bodywork and horse massage is being touched in a deliberate fashion to evoke specific results. With horses, large as they are, effective bodywork is usually deceptively gentle and subtle.

A horse spine is structurally like a suspension bridge. Think of a string of pearls (vertebrae) strung in a horizontal curve. In a human, our spine is vertical, and compaction due to gravity is extreme, whereas, in a horse, this is not the case. A well-placed, intentional touch can work wonders on a horse.

A swaying horizontal suspension bridge (horse spine) vs. a rigid, upright skyscraper (human spine) gives horses the structural advantage over humans to self-adjust if given an opportunity to do so.

The disadvantage horses have is the human rider. However, riding a horse properly with a well-fitted saddle will NOT injure your horse and both human and horse receive tremendous pleasure in playing, riding, running together. However, it is always prudent to remain aware of the privilege and responsibility we have to be astride our friend.

The musculature and connective tissues that hold all vertebrates together become thickened, shortened, stiff and distorted with age, trauma, overuse, misuse, or emotional and physical strain. Massage softens tissue by promoting the internal movement of bodily fluids and allows blood and essential nutrients to flow back into areas that need lubrication and circulation.

Bodywork helps our “mechanical” skeletal structure revert back to a natural range of motion by softening surrounding tissues. Muscles, tendons, organs, bones, everything within the “skin” of an organism is holistically connected.

Equine Therapy | Horse Massage | Horse Therapy | EquusEQ
Equine Therapy | Horse Massage | Horse Therapy | EquusEQ

Relieving stress through horse therapy

Horses, as extremely emotional and sensitive creatures, are particularly adept at “picking up” on intentions, pressure and gentle persuasion. You may have noticed how your horse will sometimes mimic a physical condition that you, the rider, have? Or how your emotional state directly influences your equine partner?

The refinement of the equine has held us in awe for thousands of years.  We have marveled at their power and intelligence and used their magnetic presence to enhance our human lives.

Being in the presence of these marvelous creatures heals and enlivens us. When we listen to them, they teach of the reciprocity of healing, and the circle of vitality becomes our shared reality.

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