Year of the Water Tiger

As we transition from 2021 into 2022, an orange and black feline swimming in a river emerges from the mist of my mind’s eye. Our collective menagerie comments on this astrological scene:

Wyatt, brother of Geronimo, youngest and newest herd member, muses:
I’m finding the ground beneath my feet in this unruly mob. Yee Haw, Water Tiger!

Geronimo strikes his refined hoof and squeals:
Yes, brother. We are a band of splendid misfits. An eclectic herd as singular as that big cat.

Chief, the noble badass mule:
I’m the most intimidating equine any human has ever had the good fortune to meet. If they understand Water Tiger, they will know my strength is kindness.

Traveler, the wise elder mustang:
I knock hats off heads and air-nip human noses. The humorous ones will laugh, showing you their real stripes. To them, give your heart.

Maggie, the burro, threads through the macho herd like a zephyr of silver energy:
That is me sashaying on stilt-like legs across the uneven land; a moving grey camouflage. A splashy runway model couldn’t hold a candle to me.

Lucky, the pit bull mutt turned princess:
A warning tooth bump keeps aggression at bay. This action ensures a killjoy does not dampen your exuberance.

Guinea Fowl Flock:
We are bossy, loud and busy. The world can take only so many stealthy tigers.

Paul says:
I love where we live and who we live with. I love our multi-species family. We meet very colorful neighbors in our very rural community.

Ann endorses all of the above and adds:
May Water Tiger bless us all with stamina and courage, enthusiasm and boldness.

May Peace and Love reign for ALL beings

Wyatt, Maggie, Chief, Traveler, Geronimo

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