Chief has an old-fashioned flip cellphone. I found it hidden beneath the Russian Olive brambles. More on this unusual fact later, as it nicely sums up this blog.

Despite the many acres to move and explore, kicking and nipping (with dramatic pinning of ears) is normal in our herd. Yet they are harmoniously in sync. They are brutally honest, always in the moment, and a golden thread of loyalty runs through their communal tapestry. This heightened state of truthfulness and unity is natural amongst equines, birds, fish, bacteria….and humans. To access it we need to tap into our instinctual hearts. This is the heart-brain connection, where the expansive heart dictates to the elegant brain. The heart is pure potential, the brain is the machine that carries out the dictates of the powerful heart.

We have the unalienable rights to think, observe, choose and act. Many of us have unconsciously given up these autonomous jewels, to the peril of both our individual and communal health. Looking outside our own species gives some clarity.

Sheep milling and baa-ing in circles are easily rounded and caught in a net of panicked fear. Chickens with their “pecking order” choose one social pariah to skewer to death in a frenzied mob. Sheep and chickens are domesticated by us, and via deductive reasoning, these behaviors are the result of our imposed restrictions upon their natural way of life. In the wild, mountain sheep and wild fowl do not exhibit such bizarre behavior.

Many of us have been domesticated into slack-jawed, channel surfing zombies, afraid of life outside of our self-imposed parameters. The constant barrage of fear induced media has corralled us into a dimwitted mob. We have handed our power over to forces outside our inner guidance system. Compound this with our heavy reliance on technology, a ruse that robotically robs us of the preciousness of our heart essence, and we find we are adrift.

A murmuration is the stunning symphony of starlings swirling in tornado-like spirals in the sky. Clouds of pulsating wings ebb into a distant point, then expand again into a swirling funnel to fill the sky with a precision inconceivable. In the ocean, it is the flash of thousands of silver fish schooling in a dynamic synchronistic brilliance. On land, wild horses thunder across the plains, their hooves, tails and spine curvatures fill a space that gallops towards a destination they all coherently feel. The phenomenon is perceived as mystical, yet the elegance of many individuals in a harmonious union of “one” is standard fare. It’s just not common in the human realm.

Our innate, internal technology can not be reproduced by anything other than a heart entwined with a brain. This, in tandem with others communally doing the same, is exponentially more powerful than manmade technology. Our small herd of three comes close to such stunning brilliance. They are unified in mind, space and heart and this is evident in how they have worked out a constellation of partnership.

Chief recently asked me for an upgraded I-Phone because he is fascinated with how mine controls me. Traveler and Geronimo think it’s a good idea, as the device would dumb Chief down into something a little more manageable. I’m not so sure. That mule has a heart-mind coherence that blows cell phone technology out of the water.

Sorry, old chap, but your flip phone is adequate. I’m told you use it only for emergencies.

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